Web Design

When something is designed well, it just works. A good design is appropriate and functional without unnecessary fluff.
Your website is your first impression to the world. Whether customers are shopping for goods, services, information, or merely to read your blog, how you look on the internet tells prospects a lot about you.

A website should enhance and facilitate the delivery of your message, not overpower it. Good Web design is as much attention to function as it is form. We believe Web sites are meant to be interactive while looking pretty.

There's nothing wrong with just looking pretty. But add functionality and interaction to your website and you can see for yourself what that looks like through our portfolio.

The emphasis on the "usable" web means an emphasis on quality code. Great design is just more than a candy shell. Just as the building you conduct business in has to meet structural and safety codes, your website should conform to today's web standards.

Working with Gulf South Media is easy because we have the skills across layers of platforms to take your Web site from design to concept to the internet fast. When we discuss our needs there is no middleman involved because we offer One Source solutions, so not only are you talking to your Web host and email guru, but you're talking to the people that actually design the work.