Domain Names

Your web site domain name is your very first impression to the world.

Gulf South Media can advise you on what relevant keywords your name should be targeting. We can help you acquire domain names if they are available and not in operation, and help broker a deal for names that may be in use.

We use state of the art techniques to communicate with domain name brokers around the world in multiple languages.

We can also make it simple. We can register the domain name for you and place it in a private repository for you. You steer the domain and we remind you when it needs to be paid up so you don't forget.

Some Tips

Never underestimate the power or importance of a good domain name. It should be easy to say, spell and remember. This is your front door to the world, so the address has to be a snap to pass around by word of mouth. I can work with you through this process to help you secure a good domain name.

If you already have a domain name or intend to register your own, here's some friendly advice. Please make sure you have total control over that domain name. This means that your email address has to be current with the registrar, or company, you register your domain name with.  Also, remember to keep safe your username and password to manage this domain at the company where you registered the name.  Print it out or write it down and put it in your company safe.  Don't leave it laying around your office.  If you lose your username and password, there is a long and involved process to recover this information.  We would rather you spend money on the development of your website and NOT paying us to recover and dig into a messy domain issue.

Unfortunately, we have been involved in too many situations where the registrant's (domain name owner) email address was no longer accessible. Sometimes the username and password information has been lost preventing the domain name owner from changing vital information (for example, trying to move it to another server or setup a new website).  Any issue regarding domain names, registrants and property rights are generally the MOST COSTLY issues clients NEVER thought they had to deal with.

We offer three (3) simple steps to help you avoid suffering undue heartbreak and frustration with domain names and registration:

  1. Register your site with a reputable company like or  Clients can contact us for a recommendation.
  2. If your email address changes, make sure you update your email address at the place your registered your domain name with IMMEDIATELY!
  3. Keep your login details for managing your domain name in a safe place (not laying around the office, print it out, put it in a folder and file it along with your documents of incorporation).

Remember, if you keep your domain name registration information in a safe place, like wherever you keep your tax records, you'll have the information you need to make the changes when you need WHEN you need it!